Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The truth

I was crying when I knew the truth
Nobody believe what I split was the truth
Why are everybody being so cruel?
Is this because I was rude?
But I was born scaredy cat..
So I just takes all the blame
My tear that fall down put out the flame
of trust and put it in the hall of shame
Now I realise how to play these kind of games
Nobody say the beast can't be tame
All I need is just a little bit of wit
The finest strategy, a couple of puppet that I can live with
When the time have come I won't regret this
I'll be the puppeteer and the world is in my hand..

Friday, December 19, 2008

Broken string...

I’m silent, you don’t have much to say either
Between us, what are we missing? Let’s not say it
Aiyo…After smiling, my expression finally has a bit of sadness
All I wish is to hold your hand
asked you for your final decision before I left

Suddenly I laughed with a relieved heart
The laughter circled around the middle of a mountain
Floated with the wind, swaying
Arrived before you, pacing back and forth
I'm wondering.. your beauty has already been given to whom?
I try to chase and chasing again, yet I can’t get it back
I understand that the leaves have left the trees
Belong to the world of the ground, withering

Just like the broken string, playing it once more
My world, you’re not in it
My fingertips have already become calloused from the playing
But still there’s no way for me to keep you by my side

Just like the broken string, how can it be reconnected?
My feelings, you already cannot hear
Your changes are like a string that’s been broken
No matter how I adjust, the sound won’t be right
Your changes, only I can tell the differences..