Friday, October 23, 2009

Exception to the rules

Everybody need to know that there always an exception to the rule..

It was raining dog & cat on the few others day..
So I decided to be a Mr Nice Guy and send friends of mine to their hostel..
Unfortunately, it all just remain a nice thought..
This is because I cannot send them to their hostel because we been blocked by the security guard. Just a moment away before I could drive in, the security guard quickly close the gate as a clear signal that STUDENT CANNOT ENTER THE HOSTEL AREA USING VEHICLE!!!

I totally understand that rule, I'm not some loon who couldn't understand something so simple. We are undergraduate for god sake. But then, all I ask is just an exception to the rule. All I wanted to do is just send a few guy to their hostels. Is it too much to ask?

I always follow the rules, I completely understand that rules are made to simplify our life. But sometimes we need to ignore the rules. Focus on the people. This whole situation reminds me of the Terminal movie with Tom Hanks as their lead role. The situation when a stranger brought a medicine for his dad but he didn't have paper because he didn't know. The supervisor follow the rule & end up being a total jackass.

This is just a friendly reminder to all people, especially to law enforcer and people with authority. Follow the rules, and remember there always exception to the rules.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

A tale of bunny and turtle..

I'm sure everybody have heard the race between bunny and turtle & how the turtle beat the crap out of the bunny..
It supposed to teach us something about the perseverance & work hard...

Enough said, there are a lot of version of this rabbit and turtle race..
but I like the fairy tail version..
in the version, like all version, the bunny lost the first race.
but then the bunny ask for a rematch..and yes, as we guess it the bunny won the rematch..
matter fact, the turtle only won the very first race because of the rabbit negligence..
it's an absolute pure coincidence that a turtle can won..
but then, the turtle who had won before..
think it can recreate the moment..
then the rematch go on and on until a thousand rematch..
the turtle achieve nothing but lose all the time..
so the ratio is 1:999...

moral of the story : nurture vs nature = nature wins

Nurture Vs Nature

It's been on everybody wish-list to win this fight..
However, we just can't win this war..
we are just like a cockroach compare to them..
there are always a gap between we and them..

It is a useless struggle..
no matter how much effort we put up with..
we are nothing but loon and daffy in a fool's paradise..
we are supposed to lost this war..
it's already decided from the beginning...