Sunday, August 23, 2009

Translate this..

I was hangout with some friends of mine at Old Town near KLCC when a group of Chinesse ladies happen to sat beside our table..then a friends of mine who happen to know that I can speaks in Chinesse asks me what on earth are they talking about. Then I told her that these Chinesse ladies are speaking in Kantonesse which is unfortunate for us because I'm only speaking Mandarin. Surprisingly, my other friend starts taking interest on the fact that I can speak Mandarin. I was cool for the first 10minutes as I get this kind of attention all the time. But then, she keep on asking me to translate various item or word to mandarin.

When she ask, what is "I love you" in chinesse. I replied " Wo ai ni"
Then, what is "I want to hit you". Consequently, "Wo yao ta ni"
hence, what is "coffee", "tea". "ka fei", "cha"
"computer", "car" and "kuala lumpur". "tian nao", "che" & "Ji lom po"
and then the list go on and on and on..

However, there are few things that I can't translate..
that because I graduated from Chinesse school like 9 years ago.
there tons of Mandarin word slip out of my brain
furthermore, I only get "C" in my Mandarin Language..

What upset me most is when I couldn't answer her translation when it is too difficult for me such as "watchin movies", "parking lot", "oil station".
(Note : It's not like I didn't know, it just that I forgot)
Hence, not the couldn't answer upset me. It just the way she respond when I say I don't know. I act all cool but deep in my heart, I just wan't to tear up this girl.

In my defense, we are not perfect. We usually forgot everything we supposed to know. I usually forgot what is today date, even worse sometimes I confused what year is now.

Furthemore, its like you guys know English any better. We all been learning english from we are kindergarden and till now, on university stage. We still learning it. Yet, most of us still inconfident with ourself and don't know most of the word. Sometimes, we even choke ourself up when a lecturer told us to respond in english.

Thus, instead for make fun of me for have such a lousy capacity in bout take a look around.. U are certainly not the pick of the dish either.
(Why Im being so emotional over something so ridiculous??)

Moral of the stories : Never assume someone is good at something just because that someone been there and done that. And..NEVER NEVER and NEVER ask me for any difficult Mandarin translation anymore. If I doing such a great job in translation, right now I probably working as translator for Chinesse corporate.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Interesting quote

This is a few nice quote I read yesterday on Perempuan magazine July 09 issues by Wan Adam in the article "Mencari Makna Yang Tersirat"..
(ignore the lousy translation..focus on the brilliant quote..)

- No matter where it is, a snake never forget the hole.

- Don't be a snake friend if u scared to get bitten.

- Only a good rider can ride a wild horse.

- A huge rat won't get eaten by the cat.

- Diligent nest-making bird won't wet by the rain.

- Shady tree will attract birds.

- Never chop down a tree for its fruit.

- A cup didn't need two spoons.

- Empty glass won't satisfy one thirst

- Sharp or blunt - Knife will remain a knife.

- Bigger pot require more oil.

- No matter how beauty a toilet is, it remain for potty only.

- No matter how small a rock is, when gather it will become a mountain.

- If u afraid to get scold by grass, don't be friend with the weed.

- When the money talk, righteous & justice will silent.

- Only stonegrave won't be catch

- A brought love shatter quickly.

- Money have two face - Black & White

- It is fortunate that we lost the shoe instead of our leg.

- Those who slit bamboo shoot won't get the bamboo.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dilbert 05

This a very good example of what happening everyday right now. This is a situation which is called a "6th degree separation". We seldom realise that what we do today, even the tiny thing, made a huge impact to the world around us.
Unfortunately, today I wont focus on what is the "6th degree separation". You can google it yourself. Look at this strip again, this happen to us often than we expected. When someone angry at you, you will release the anger to someone else. Hence, that someone else absolutely will chain the anger to someone else. The cycle of anger will not end until someone eventually get hurt. So let us be the bigger person, when someone throw a random hostility to you. Stop the anger chain. It's not worth to pass the cycle. Let it go and let it be. Someday you will get the picture.

Dilbert 04

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