Monday, March 30, 2009


even u are there around me
the gap seems broaden every time i move
the wall continue growing
growing too fast
circling your heart
till it seem impossible for me
to penetrate and break it down
too solid for my bare hand
seems like it'll remain just a dream
an innocent dream
will remain nothing but a dream
how hard this daffy try...

watch the sky

at night i watch the sky..
gazing up the sky
staring into the space
glaring at the star
seeking for 1 star that doesn't shine
under the night sky,
we, who are whistling for a lousy wish
will remain nothing, but a fool
to think the star can hear our whisper

cat & firefly

Firefly, close with river bcuz of nature
Cat, stay away the river bcuz of the nature

while firefly like other together
the cat like to keep for itself

firefly is a simple creature
why the cat is so misterious?

Now I'm wonder..

is cat & firefly can really be together??

for the cat nothing to the firefly
just a kitty distract by a thread ball
drowse within the daylight nap
drifting in a naive dream
strolling in the forest
along the river stream
searching for a firefly
the one that swirled away,abonding me
leaving nothing but memories & those dreams..

7 lousy word

starin out d window
lookin at d ppl below
listenin 2 d insect
i'm waitin
n wonderin
when will u passin by?
will i notice when u r walkin down d alley
so i can scream out those 7 lousy word

even if i scream my lung out
i guess u will never heard my voice
bcuz u already out of my world
somewhere only i cannot reach..
just snooping from far away..
hoping endlessly..
if u can only hear those 7 lousy word..

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

apa yang penting??

apa yang penting??

(kpd sesapa yg tau apa jwpn dia jgn aa mlu2 nk jwb kuat2 n penuh p'rsa'n yek..)