Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Can you hear the trumpet whispering?

I wish life is easy, but its not.

The important lesson I learned for today, sometimes you need to take down your pride and start again from bottom.

What done is done, now let focus on brighter future. We can't control the past, but we can control the future. The best way to predict the future is to create them.

This remind me of Prison Break series(on Session 3 if I'm not mistaken). When they being throw into Panama Prison. There are 2 people with 2 different approach, first is the warden (forgot his name, bellick maybe). The warden try to act tough and like he running the show, but instead get his ass kick and mugged. Left unconscious almost naked in the middle of field. Long story short, he having difficulty for his life for next few week.

On the other hand, there T-Beg, veteran inmate, didn't show his fang when start get in the prison. We all know his story during the first prison. But in Panama, he don't let that bother him, it is almost like he a new inmate. He start all nice and charming to the big boss in Panama. Oh, how he act and pretend. If only I remember this earlier. Starting from bottom, slowly moving up the ladder.

Maybe that my mistake, I'm expecting some kind of authority because of my history. I should be more wiser, my history and background don't determine how people should act toward me. I should use my history and background as my stepping stone. As lesson learnt so that I make better decision.

It ok, it alright. I learned my mistake. Let today be a lesson that I will never forget. Remember to be humble and helpful to other people. Just do to other what you expect other do to you.

The future road will be dark and full of terror. But we will walk slowly as success is beyond that.

P/S : Let try our best not to kiss ass. let our work speak for our self.

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